Palmers Green United Reformed Church:

A Church for all people who seek and share the Good News of Jesus Christ

i) As a church we aim to make worship, prayer, fellowship, and service our priority;

ii) As a church for all people our goal is to be an inclusive community which affirms and encourages different ages, ethnicities, genders and abilities to participate fully in our common life;

iii) As a church for all who seek, we aim to equip people to grow in understanding and commitment through learning and practising personal discipleship;

iv) As a church which shares the Good News of Jesus Christ we aim, individually and together, to serve the local community and participate in the mission of God to the wider world.

Every day of the year, early each morning, the United Reformed Church sends out, by email, a Daily Devotion consisting of a reading, reflection and short prayer.

The Devotions are written by a team of over 90 people from a range of perspectives and places within the URC. You can read them here on the “Devotions” tab, or if you would like to receive them by email you can sign up by going to and filling in the form.